Supporting you in your journey to living the life that you had always envisioned

Imagine a life in which that crippling, debilitating fear does not hold you back from pursuing what is important to you, that immobilising depression does not keep you housebound and you are not spending countless hours fixated on obsessions or performing compulsions. Let us help you create a life that is worth living!

Hi, I’m Chantelle and I’m a Clinical Psychologist with a passion for helping those suffering from anxiety disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Anxiety is a normal human emotion, which when felt at extreme levels, can lead people to avoiding feared situations, procrastinating, checking, seeking reassurance from family and friends and generally, struggling with uncertainty. I believe that anxiety does not need to hold us back in life. We can feel anxious and continue to pursue our goals and dreams and not let it dictate what we do. We can have courage!